Clint Dixon

Clint is an anomaly among our Farm Jeep Friends.  He doesn’t own a Farm Jeep or any Willys Jeep for that matter, but much of what we know about the Monroe lift and Newgren implements comes from Clint.  Luckily for the Jeep world Clint fell in love with a Dodge Power Wagon.  It just so happened that Power Wagons could be equipped with Monroe Hydraulic Lifts and Newgren Implements.

Clint has spent years collecting information and writing about the Monroe Auto Equipment Company and the Newgren Equipment Company.  As a result, he is our go-to expert and his work and words are visible throughout  In addition to helping us restore our Newgren Plow, he authored the Monroe sections of the Dispatcher articles on the history of the farm Jeep.

You can read about Clint’s Power Wagons here.  You can also look forward to reading more articles from Clint in the near future.

An interview with Clint

We received a note from Clint: “I was able to go to the Power Wagon Rally for a couple of days in June. Kevin Kaldenbach was there with his family and asked if he could ask some questions and film me. Here is the result” –