Reproduction Lift Parts

We often get notes from people looking for complete hydraulic lifts and also replacement parts. While we can only direct people wanting complete lifts to Jeep related classified and auction sites, we can offer information of a few sources of parts. In all cases, you should directly contact the individuals for additional information.

Joe DeYoung

Mad City Manufacturing, Inc.

2301 Advance Road

Madison, WI 53718

608-242-5358 shop

608-225-7074 cell

Joe has a wide offering of Willys speciality tools and some Newgren and Monroe replacement parts.

Luke Schimmel.

White Horse Manufacturing.

Luke does aluminum and brass/bronze castings and has both Monroe and Newgren pump brackets available. Contact Luke for other item you need.

Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin makes the Urethane Rubber couplings for both Newgren and Monroe pumps

Ted Jordan


Ted has some reproduction parts for the Newgren and Monroe lifts. Contact him with your specific needs.