Love Lift History

The story of the Love Lift is interesting, not only because it was the first hydraulic lift offered by Jeep, but also because of the history of the its inventor, J. B. Love. Builder of tractors, a Ford Tractor dealer and a manufacturer of implements Mr. Love deserves his own story.

Jabez Love

For more information on the lift Love designed for the Jeep, we invite you to read the an article published in the Dispatcher magazine.

The Making of the Farm Jeep – Part 1 (Love Lift)

We have added a page with details about the first lift Love developed.

Love Hydraulic Lift System

Many people when speaking of the Love Lift are referring to the lift he sold through his companies. We are working to change our nomenclature to make clear which of Love’s lifts we are referencing. Here is some additional information on Love’s second lift.

Did Love use Newgren changes for his version of the Love Lift?