Newgren Lift

Newgren flier front page
Newgren Lift flier front

The Newgren Lift, would be the second “Jeep Approved” lift sold by Willys-Overland. Like the Monroe lift, the Newgren lift enables the Jeep to use standard 3-point farming implements, and along with the rear power take off (PTO) unit, allows the Jeep to function as a light duty utility tractor. Unlike the Monroe lift, the Newgren lift mounts underneath the bed leaving both the bed and tailgate intact and available for use.

The Newgren Lift we acquired was mostly intact and served as the motivation for researching the Farm Jeep history. We continue to study the Newgren Equipment Company even after 20 years. The recently discovered Newgren Service Bulletins have provided much needed information about this short lived company. At the same time, they have shown us how little we know and how some of our past writings have been in error. We plan to continue our efforts to learn more and to update and correct inaccurate information.

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