Implements and Accessories

Agricultural options:
Power Take-Off
Single 16 in. or Double 12 in. Mould Board Plow
Two-Disc, 26 in. Plow
Brush and Bog Harrow
Tandom Disc Harrow
8.5 in. Spring Tooth Harrow
Six ft. Field and Pasture Cultivator
Six ft. Farm Mower
Terracing Blade

Industrial equipment options:
60 or 105 C.F.M. Compressors
12.5 K.V.A. Generator
300 amp D.C. Arc Welder
Hydro-Grader and Terracer
Lift-Type Overland Scraper
Pulley for Center Power Take-Off
Monroe Hydraulic Implement Lift Controlled from the Driver’s Seat
Power Take-Off and Tow Bar Hitch
Centrifugal-Type King-Seeley Governor
Brush Guards for the Front and Rear Propeller Shafts
Baffle Plate for the Transfer Case
Special Wheels and 7 in. Tires
Front Soldenized Mildew-Resistant Duck Top w/Double-Sewn Seams
Rear Top

Hydraulic Lift
Half and Full Canvas and Metal Tops
High Temperature Thermostat
High Altitude Cylinder Head
Passenger Safety Rail and Rear Passenger Seat