Newgren Top Link

Early Newgren brochure showing sliding top link

We and many other Newgren lift owners have been searching for an original top link. The top link provides the important third hookup point in a three point hitch. It allows for fore/aft adjustment to the implement. We are presenting what little information that we have, in hopes that someone will be able to use the information to make a reasonable facsimile.

The brochure above is the best representation we have found. It appears to be a simple device made from two pieces of steel bar with elongate holes allowing for length adjustments when bolted together. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to obtain any measurements for the pieces.

However, when we turn once again to the 1947 installation instructions, we see a different, simpler design. It appears to be just two sets of three adjustment holes.

1947 installation diagram

Contestant number one

Possible copy of a Newgren top link

We recently found this bit of hardware in our parts pile. Neither Barry or Evan can remember where it come from. It certainly looks similar to the Newgren top link. But it doesn’t measure up.

Possible copy of a Newgren top link

Each steel bar is 25″ long and made from flat 2″x1/2″ stock. The elongated adjustment holes appear to be 8.75″ on center.

Possible copy of a Newgren top link

We placed the link, shorten as much as possible on top of the link we are currently using to connect the same plow shown in the brochure. It is six inches too long and most likely the reason it was on the parts pile.

Candidate number two

The only Newgren “style” top link we have seen is on John Ittel’s CJ5. Barry took some pictures of the link at last spring’s Jeep Rally.

Possible Newgren top link

While this link doesn’t appear to be an exact copy, it is both representative of the style and more importantly functional. The bar stock appears to be 3/8″. (Barry didn’t think to take those measurements) After looking at the installation drawing, it is possible that this is an original top link with additional adjustment holes added at some point.

Needs more work

We are posting this now, in hopes that it will provide some additional information to those trying to obtain a top link. We are either going to shorten the link we have or fabricate a new one from 3/8″ stock and the measurements taken from John’s Jeep.