Farm Jeep Hydraulic Lift Entries

Under construction – may contain errors and test data

The hydraulic implement lift is one of the key features of the Farm Jeep. There were four “Jeep Approved” lifts and a few other lifts that were sold for the Jeep from 1946 until the mid-1970s. There are no production records for any of the lifts and no means of determining how many lifts of each type were produced. Likewise there is no means of identifying how many lifts are still around today.

This can’t be a precise , scientific endeavor, but we believe some data is better than no data. As the list grows and especially if someone other than an owner registers a lift, we can expect duplication. We will attempt to remove duplications when we see them. Please send us a note if you spot a duplicate or other error.

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Lift Type
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