Love Lift

Love Hydraulic Lift-Hitch

A discussion on the CJ2apage forum made us realize that we have for years used the term “Love lift” to mostly describe the “Love Hydraulic Lift System” that was introduced by Willys-Overland in the summer of 1946. Once Jabez Love had transferred his rights to his first design to Newgren, he left Willys, returning to his factory where he designed a new version of the lift.

We first learned of the Love lift back in 2008. For years, the following is all the information we had on the “other” Love lift.

Jeff Szucs sent Barry an email regarding the Love Tractor Co. hydraulic lift for Jeeps, we didn’t have much (anything actually) to offer, but Jeff sure did…

Like the Newgren and Stratton lifts, the Love lift mounts underneath the bed leaving both the bed and tailgate intact and available for use. As Jeff points out in his email “a magazine ad claiming that the Love lift was in fact the original lift used by Willys in its Farm Jeep tests in 1946 (don’t know if this true, but Love Co. claimed it) and to show the working relationship with Willys a page from the Willys-Overland Equipment Book for the Love lift type and pull type harrow.”

Much like the Newgren Co., information on the Love Tractor Co. is scarce, so if anyone knows anything about them drop Barry or Evan a note. Any readers in Eau Claire, MI?

Bob Westerman over at (one of our favorite sites) has put together a comprehensive and very interesting history of the Love company. Check it out here. Thanks for all the good info Bob

Later we were lucky enough to be given a copy of a pamphlet than gave us the most information we have seen on the lift as sold by Love.

Thanks to Jeff Szucs for all the information, the original pamphlet which shows the lift as well as installation instructions, and the original ad. Thanks again

Wade Rogers sent us pictures of his restored, but not yet mounted lift. Using the pictures and the pamphlet, we have identified what we believe are the differences between the two lifts.

Love lifts are rare. We are always excited to hear of any find.

We are doing extensive research on Jabez Love. His contributions to agriculture go far beyond his two lifts. He is one of the Farm Jeep founding fathers.