Hydraulic Pumps

Electric, belt or crank driven hydraulic pumps can be used to power snow plows or hydraulic implement lifts.

Monarch HY-LO-JEEP – belt driven with attached reservoir, attaches to generator with strap.
Monarch HY-LO-JACK – belt driven without attached reservoir, attaches to generator with strap.
Monroe – crank driven
Newgren – crank driven
Stratton – crank driven
Love – belt driven, bracket installed under oil filter.

The Love pump installation is described in detail at Step 1 here.

The Monroe and probably the Stratton (the drawing in the Stratton brochure looks like the Monroe pump ) use a three tabbed crank pulley (part # WO-646698) and a rubber coupler to drive the pump as pictured in the diagram below.

The unedited diagram and all the Monroe part numbers are available in the Monroe Hydraulic Implement Lift Parts List.

At least the early Newgren (and the pump we have) used the flat pulley as shown in the digram below from the Newgren Installation Instructions.

Monarch pump schematics/parts documents, courtesy of ewillys.com, are available here. There is also more information on the pumps at http://www.ewillys.com/2012/10/29/monarch-hy-lo-hydraulic-brochure/

Gary Keating has provided us with the installation insturctions found in a NOS pump kit. you can seem them here.