AgriJeep – In the Beginning

AgriJeep CJ2-06

Keith Buckley posted a picture in the CJ2a Page Forum of AgriJeep CJ2-06 on display at the 2023 Chicago Auto Show that is part of the Klairmont Kollections collection. Luckily for all of us, Mike from Jeeps on the Run was there to hear Keith and Brandon from Jeep discuss this beautiful machine.

Fred Coldwell’s classic book Preproduction Civilian Jeeps, 1944-1945: Models CJ1 & CJ2 provides an in-depth history. In the same post is a link to Fred’s story on the Resurrection of CJ2-26. There is also a link to Jim Allen’s Motor Trend article on the CJ2-06. There is always more to learn.

Keith mentions Life magazine’s coverage of “Jeep Day.” Here is the two-page article –

In June 2020, we posted the following:

A Farm Jeep by any other name

Farm Jeep just seems like the proper name for the vehicle that followed the “military jeep” in 1945. It is short and aptly descriptive. Willys-Overland certainly thought it was a great name and had submitted a federal trademark application in 1943. The application was rejected in January 1944 as “being too generic” and Willys was forced to come up with a new name. That name was “AgriJeep” and the trademark was granted in December, 1944.

The “AgriJeep” name was only used on the early experimental models, dropped in favor of the simple “Jeep” name for the introduction of the CJ2a in July 1945. We were reminded of this bit of history by an eWillys post titled August 1945 Farm Journal Article “What About the New Farm Jeep?”. This Farm Journal article is worth its own post and we will write about it later.

Since we couldn’t attend this year’s Willys Reunion, we thought it might be fun to revisit the 2015 spring show, featuring the AgriJeep.

We will take our tour courtesy of and end with this video.

Here is a photo Evan took at the 2015 Reunion –