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As soon as we acquired our first Jeep we became interested in the histories of the companies that made the “Farm Jeep” work as a tractor. This site began and remains as a place to record our adventures with projects. But over the years it has become a repository of information about the components, especially the hydraulic lifts. In May of 2017 we were asked to make a presentation on the history of Jeep implement lifts at the Spring Willys Reunion. Following that presentation we were asked to write a series of articles for the Dispatcher magazine. The Dispatcher is a print-only magazine, so we have made the five-part series available here.

Since that time, along with writer and Monroe Auto Equipment Company historian Clint Dixon, we have continued to focus more on research and expanding our “Farm Jeep” knowledge. Our plan is to share what we discover here.

The Making of the Farm Jeep (Part 1) – Love Lift

The Making of the Farm Jeep (Part 2) – Newgren Lift

The Making of the Farm Jeep (Part 3) – Monroe Lift (1)

The Making of the Farm Jeep (Part 4) – Monroe Lift (2)

The Making of the Farm Jeep – The Final Chapter – Stratton Lift

Other articles by Barry

Farm Jeeps at Work (Farm Collector magazine)

Jeeps on the Farm (Farm Collector magazine)

Other articles by Clint Dixon

Jabez Love and the Empire Tractor

Research related posts

Research Resources

We have relied on the work of many individuals as we have combed the Web for information about Farm Jeeps. Though not exhaustive, the resources listed below form a list of who’s who that we look to when seeking expertise. We are also adding documents and library articles to this growing list.

The CJ2A Page -This Web site combines a collection of articles and stories with a very active forum. A number of individuals that we would label “experts and historians” hang out at this site as well as early Jeep owners with a wealth of technical knowledge.

The CJ3A Information Page – Bob Westerman’s site is linked multiple times on our pages. We will feature Bob in our Friends of Farm Jeep section.

The CJ3B Page – This Web site with over 1500 pages is a gold mine of historical and technical information.

The Dispatcher Magazine – This award winning publication is filled with fascinating articles. It is a must read for those interested in Jeep history.

The Tractor Field Book – “The standard reference book of the industry for the design, production and sale of tractors and power farm equipment.”  We currently have two editions (1951 and 1955) and have scanned some relevant pages.

Maybe in the future but not now…

Our first attempt at using ChapGPT as a digital research assistant was not a big success. Maybe later.