How to remove a governor T-handle

This is a case of Farm Jeep asking the question. We saw a post on the Early CJ5 page about removing a governor control hande, aka T-handle. Although we installed a governor and handle on our CJ3a, it has been 20 years! So we turned to the CJ2a Page Forum to see if we could find some help. That help came from Greg Robertson (aka 3-48s). Here is what Greg told us and what we passed along –

As far as you friend’s governor T-handle goes there at least two styles of T handles on our CJ2As to the best of my knowledge. One has a hex nut on the dash side of the T-handle mount which I believe is the later  iteration. The CJ5 may have a different set up then the CJ2A/3As. In order to remove the 2A/3A dash mount you will need disconnect the clevis from the governor and remove the clevis fork from the  threaded end of the braded wire. Then you will pull the handle wire out of the dash mount. Now you can loosen the hex nut at the dash and remove the handle mount from the underside of the dash. On the early style (w/ cone shaped dash escutcheon) you will also need to disconnect the clevis from the governor and remove the clevis fork from the threaded end of the solid wire. If it is an original installation you will have a handle stop clamp on the under side of the inner side of the wire close to the T-handle shaft so you can also pull the T-handle wire from the dash mount. Now you will loosen the hex nut at the back side of dash mount (behind the cone shaped dash escutcheon)and remove the handle mount from the front side of the dash.  Do not grab the cone shaped dash escutcheon with pliers as they are nickel plated soft brass and will be permanently damaged !

 I hope this is helpful.