The number one question is….

Without a doubt the question we are asked most often is “where can I buy parts to make my Jeep a Farm Jeep?” Within that question are the variations by part: where can I find a (brand) lift or where can I find a governor or where can I find a PTO or where can I find a pump?

We normally respond to general questions of how to find parts by saying we don’t have a simple answer. We can point to the resource list as a starting point. We use the standard eBay searches, along with online search sites like Craig’s List. We also use eWillys postings.

We do get questions about how much a piece of equipment is worth, from readers who have something to sell. In all occasions we will give our best guess at what the market value might be, along with suggestions for where to post the items. Sadly for us, most of the time we can’t afford (and let’s face it, we can have too many Jeep parts) to pay market price. We can only think of two instances where we have purchased items based on a seller inquiry. In the first, the reader just wanted to get rid of the parts and didn’t want the hassle of selling them. The second was the Bantam plow. Just couldn’t let that one get away and we did pay fair market value.

Sometimes we can give a direct answer. For example, we can tell you what type of crank-driven pump to use with your Newgren lift and where to purchase it. We may also be able to direct the reader to reproduction parts that are or have been made available by individuals.

In all cases we encourage you to keep asking and to keep looking. Maybe we will uncover that abandon warehouse full of NOS (new-old-stock) governors and lifts. It could happen.