April 1947 Mystery Ad – Is that a non-“Jeep Approved” Lift?

April 6, 1947

The eBay seller didn’t list the publication, saying it was a newspaper ad. Perhaps it was a newspaper supplement, since the reverse side features Hollywood gossip. We are trying to determine the source, because it shows three configurations of the Jeep as a “light tractor.”

The large picture shows the Jeep pulling a wheeled plow. To the right and down is picture of the Love Lift that was introduced in September, 1946.

Love Lift – “Jeep Approved”

The mystery guest here is located in the lower right hand photo.

Farm-Aid Lift?

Now, take a look at the TMC brochure picture of their spring tooth harrow below-

The top picture is of the spring tooth harrow mounted on a Farm-Aid lift

To this point, all the ads we have seen have featured either a Love, Newgren or Monroe lift. They along with Stratton, were the “Jeep Approved” lifts available from the factory or dealership. So what is the Farm-Aid lift doing in a Willys ad?

Our working theory, based on recent research of the Transport Motor Company, is that this is an ad for the California and perhaps the whole west coast market. Stay tuned as we try to learn more.


Thanks to the fast work of Dave and John, at least part of the mystery is solved. You can read about it here – http://www.ewillys.com/2022/02/17/farm-aide-lift-included-in-a-1947-willys-ad/

A Jeep of a different color would plow the same

January 19, 1946 Saturday Evening Post ad

Note the Jeep pulling the wheeled plow was green. Perhaps the ad guys thought it should match the plow when it was used in April 1947.

And the answer is –

Yes, that is a “non-approved” TMC lift appearing in a national ad. Thanks to Bill Norris and Keith Buckley, who provide the “evidence” below that TMC was selling its farm lift and implements nationally in 1947.

TMC in-house paper March 1947 announcing national sales
TMC paper
TMC photo
TMC photo

It does appear that Willys was allowing “non” Jeep Approved farm lifts and equipment to be included in national advertising. We will continue are search for other examples.

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