New (&Old) Farm Jeep site!

We are happy to announce the launch of the new site  It is still a work-in-progress, but this update is long overdue.  We have saved the old site at just in case you might wish to access it.  Everything has been moved over to the new site, except for broken items.

We have several goals for the new site.  The first is to keep it up to date, eliminating broken links and adding new resource material.  The second is to make it easy to find the Farm Jeep information you need.  We are making sure all the information we have posted on a subject, the Newgren lift for example, is located in one place.

The third goal is to increase the amount of historic material available from our own research and from others.  We will be making articles and resource materials available from our own collection in addition to linking to other sites.  We are aware of important farm jeep related sites that have disappeared and hope to bring them back.

The final goal is to continue to tell farm jeep stories and most importantly to have fun sharing them with you.

2 Replies to “New (&Old) Farm Jeep site!”

  1. my grandfather and uncle made what looks like a infomercial about farm jeep, i think it was call pleasantville or something like that… my mother still has it

    1. Marc,
      We have finally been able to share the movie. We would enjoy hearing more of you family history. This is a great movie because it is an infomercial and not just another sells pitch.

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