Farm Jeep Friends

For 17 years and counting, we have been lucky enough to meet so many wonderful people, who but for our shared love for Jeeps, would never have been a part of our lives.

As we reviewed our writings and posts in preparation for building a new site, the same names kept reappearing.  These individuals have freely shared their work and expertise with us.  Farm Jeep would simply not be the same without their contributions.

We have invited our friends to share their own Jeep stories and their friends Jeep stories too. These will be added over time. We will begin with our own stories about these great people who have given so much to us.

While the list is not complete we wanted to start saying thanks now. You can see the list here. Harry Sheets has the honor of being the first person we met and of being the first person to give us his story. Thank you Harry.

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