A Jeep movie that was never released?

Dave @ eWillys posted an article on Kaiser’s efforts to standardize marketing. The article contains a silent film featuring examples of published brochures and film scenes –

We contacted the folks at Periscope Films in hopes of learning more about the origins of the color film clips. We are pretty certain that these same or similar scenes appear in the 1954 movie that introduced the new CJ5 –

We plan to do a comparison of the two films and are pretty confident that a narrated script is out there for the first one. We believe the introduction of the CJ5 caused a delay in the release of the color movie. So many questions. Why was the CJ5 movie filmed in B/W? Probably for cost savings.

In the meantime, you can watch the films and see how many scenes from the first you can spot in the second.

Speaking of videos

We have added some short videos of David Linebaugh’s CJ5 in action. You can see them at https://www.farmjeep.com/farm-jeep-plowing/

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