New life for an old movie

When we found the “Resolution in Pleasantville” movie, we had two goals. The first was to get the film digitized and made available to the widest audience possible. The second was to find a place that would keep the original 16MM film safe. It had survived 70 years in France and we felt we should be good custodians of this piece of Jeep history.

We have been able to meet both those goals with the help of Nick Spark and Periscope Film. Beginning today, “Revolution in Pleasantville” is now part of the Periscope Film’s extensive catalog of historic films. Many of you will be familiar with Periscope Film’s work if you have watched the Willys’ “The Jeep Family of 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles” and other Jeep related videos on their YouTube channel.

Periscope Film encourages viewers to comment on their movies and we look forward to what we may learn from their thousands of followers.

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