Ads and Brochures

Farm Jeep Ads and Brochures
We’ve collected several examples of ads featuring “Farm Jeeps” equipped with hydraulic implement lifts. Most of the advertising shows Monroe lifts, however the lower right-hand picture in the “Working Girl” ad features a Newgren. The Jeeps themselves in these ads are CJ-2As and CJ-3As, even though enthusiasts will tell you the official “Farm Jeep” was a CJ-3A or CJ-3B. The 1951 “4-WHEEL-DRIVE FARM VEHICLES” ad featuring either CJ-2As or CJ-3As shows the marketing department had the “Farm Jeep” concept several years before the official model designation. In fact, “Farm Jeep” was one name for the pre-production CJ-2A.

Ads and brochures are more than fun artifacts. They have supplied us with valuable clues in our research. We are always on the lookout for more “Farm Jeep” brochures and advertising (especially those ads featuring Newgren or Stratton lifts, or lifts in use on early CJ-5s), so let us know if you spot any for sale or that we can link to.

In addition to the brochures and magazine ads, we have started a collection of newspaper ads, signs and of promotional films and videos.

Ads From Other Sites

Dave at has searched the archives of the Saturday Evening Post for Jeep ads and has posted them here –

Magazine Ads & Brochures

“…MANY JOBS…” Kaiser-Willys Brochure KW-1706 – 1953 from Farm Jeeps at CJ3B .info

“Jeeps on the Farm” Popular Mechanics – January 1942

Our thanks to Larry who found and submitted the earliest
promotional article for using the Jeep on the farm that we’ve seen.

J. W. Heater sent us this very early brochure. Click here to see the complete document.

And he also sent us the companion brochure for industrial uses

“You can lower expenses…” Country Gentleman – May 1947

“A NEW HYDRAULIC-CONTROL LIFT” Country Gentleman – March 1948

“Nebraska Tractor Test” Country Gentleman – April 1950


“The ‘JEEP’ is a Working Girl!” pre 1953

“FARM POWER: As Useful in December as it is in May” Successful Farming – May 1953

“YES you can use Hydraulic-Lift Implements” Country Gentleman – January 1947 

“The All-Around Farm ‘Work-Horse'” Country Gentleman – July 1947


“4-WHEEL-DRIVE FARM VEHICLES” Farm Journal – April 1951 

“FARM JEEP VERSATILITY” Kaiser-Willys Brochure KW-1706 – 1953 from Farm Jeeps on The CJ3B Page

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads and ads disguised as articles were another important marketing tool. These ads and articles appeared in newspapers around the country.

This ad from May 11, 1949 in the Greenfield, IN Daily Reporter announces a traveling road show to promote the Monroe lift and Newgren implements.


Dennis Rhoades sent us a picture of a sign and asked if we thought it original. We aren’t experts, but original or not, it is a great piece of Farm Jeep history. Here is the original and what we think it might have looked like when new.

As it appeared on eBay
After a bit of art work

Promotional Videos

In January 2016 we posted the following:

As luck would have it, Stan (AKA smfulle) on the CJ2a PageForum posted a great video that shows some of the many uses of the Jeep and the Willys 4WD trucks.  Although labeled as a “1940s” promotional film, it is easy to spot the CJ5 introduced in 1954 and a license plate from 1954.  So we would change that to “Mid-50s” promotional film.  What is fun about this film is that includes CJ2a and CJ3a jeeps in addition to the CJ5.  This film is really about jeeps at work.  Of particular interest to Farm Jeep is the showcasing of the Monore Lift.  Simply referred to as “the famous hydraulic lift”, the Monroe lift is what really made the jeeps so useful on the farm and work site.