Spring Midwest Willys Reunion Coming to Farm Jeep’s Home Town!

The Spring Midwest Willys Reunion will be held in Columbus, IN May 19th and 20th.  We are about a 15 minute drive from the location.  We will be there with our farm jeep and hope you join us.  Take a look at the site http://willysreunion.com/swr17.htm for more information.

In other news…

While we had a mild winter with little snow, all the planned work on the farm jeep hasn’t happened yet.  We did do some leak-down testing on the Newgren lift, but still have not pinpointed the cause. We suspect it is the control valve.

With days getting (slowly) warmer we are hoping to get out of the garage and on the road to do some high speed (for a farm jeep) driving.  We have taken a few short trips but are hoping to longer runs this summer.

More later.

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