A Farm Jeep in the West of Ireland

In 2007 we received a note from Seamus Lefroy-Brooks of Buckingham, England about his family’s farm Jeep and brochures from the British company that had sold the Jeep to his father. Somehow this story didn’t get moved from the old Web site and we had forgotten about it until our friend Dave at eWillys wrote asking if we still had the brochure.

Seamus’ story about the ex-British Forces 1942 Ford GPW’s arrival on the farm and his description of its uses as a tractor deserves to be told again. So we have moved the story and brochure. Be sure to check out the photos at the bottom of the story.

A Farm Jeep in the West of Ireland

Dave has published a series of articles on the Metamet company-

Metamet: British Jeep Rebuilders

Metamet and Garden Parties

Filip Rosz and Metamet

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