No shows, shows and stories

Terry E. sent us a note about our plans for 2020 shows. Sadly, it appears that we won’t be attending shows this summer. Instead, we are going to create a couple of virtual shows, based on the many events we have attended these past years. While not close to the fun of interacting with people, it should provide some fun memories for us and maybe kindle an interest in attending Jeep and farm shows in the future for others. Now we just need to sort through hundreds of photos we have taken over the past decades.

For a quick show fix, you can head over to the Shows section to read about past events. Or take a look at last years Spring Willys Reunion. How about a visit to the demonstration held at the Willys Jeep Rally

While we won’t be adding new shows, we will be adding a new story soon. Dan Montgomery has written an article, “Robert Miller’s Jeeps: A small town story of hayfields in the sun, wheelies at night and growing up with Jeeps” for the Spring 2020 Dispatcher magazine. If you don’t already subscribe to this great magazine, now is a great time to do so.

Here is a sneak peak at what makes Dan’s story of interest to us –

Stay tuned and stay safe!

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