1948 Monroe/Newgren Movie Available For Viewing

While you are celebrating an earlier American Revolution we think you will enjoy the story of another revolution. This one involves farming and the introduction of a new kind of vehicle, the Willys Jeep. When equipped with a Monroe Hydraulic Lift and Newgren “Farm Tested” implements, the Jeep changes the way the residents of Pleasantville view the future of farming.

The movie, developed as part of an ad campaign to promote the then new Monroe lift, is an “infomercial” in every sense of the word. You will learn how the equipment works and even how to plow a field with the Jeep.

While we discovered the movie over a year ago, we wanted to be sure that we weren’t violating any copyright laws in making it freely available. At this point, we believe the movie to be in the public domain, as the original copyrights were not renewed, nor have any new copyrights been filed.

We are aware of at least two other copies of the film, but it has not been available for public viewing for 70 years. It is presented here with a preface to give some context to the viewer.

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