To a Warm and Safe Christmas and a Happier New Year

It has been a tough year for everyone. When Dave at eWillys posted this ad featuring our favorite Santa Jeep (featured in last year’s Christmas post), we were reminded that there have been many hard times that have been part of the Jeep’s history. The ad, from very early in the war, is a clear indicator that the Jeep could provide comfort and joy even in the worst of times.

Click Santa to read the ad

This is where we would normally recount the wonderful things that have happened during the year and there have been a few. They give us hope that the New Year will be merrier. This year will be remembered for what we lost. There is no way around it.

One high point and the very lowest point of the year involved our friend John Ittel. In April, an article, Farm Jeeps At Work, was published, that featured the demonstration John hosted each year. Then came the terrible news that John had lost his battle with cancer.

Next year, we will dedicate oursleves to recording the stories and histories that help us remember the past and to celebrate the friendships that we have made.

For now, stay warm and safe. We are looking forward to a Happy 2021.

Barry & Evan

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