The Farm Jeep at 75

It has been 75 years since Jabez Love introduced his hydraulic implement lift and made the Universal Jeep a player in the tractor market. We plan to celebrate the entire year of 2021 with a look back at some of the important early milestones, as well as exploring the Farm Jeep’s later years, with an emphasis on the CJ5 and the Stratton Hydro-Implement Lift.

Cover of Love brochure
Cover of Love Lift brochure and installation manual

Our hope is that 2021 will see us back at farm and Jeep shows and that we can resume our research into the history of this remarkable machine. Work is already underway on a story about the company that built the Stratton lift. It will be the center piece as we look at the last decade of the Farm Jeep.

Stratton lift brochure
Stratton lift brochure

To get us started, here is a short piece on the PTO (power take-off) option that was available on the first civilian Jeep.

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