More on TMC, an Update on the Jeep Tractor Prototype, A Hole New Question. and Some Sun Time

Half of the Farm Jeep team is enjoying the Florida sunshine, but we have been busy nonetheless. Thanks once again to Dave @ eWillys we uncovered more information about the Transport Motor Company (TMC). and Barry has been spending his time, when not on the beach, annotating a TMC film.

Thanks to Todd Paisley for giving us more information on the mystery Jeep Tractor prototype.

We posted the picture on the CJ2apage forum and asked if anyone had additional information. Todd Paisley replied “This is a Willys-Overland prototype.  The Jeep Tractor was built under Engineering Release 5475 “Pilot Model of Jeep Tractor – Build One sample” that started on 4/19/1949 and the project closed on 12/7/1949.”

We have added this information to our post “The Jeep As A Light Tractor.”

Finally, our friend Clint Dixon answers a burning questions –

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