The answer is a Farm Jeep Truck

The question is what do you call a Jeep pickup with a Monroe Hydraulic Lift and a plow hanging off the back?

Bill Norris/The Dispatcher Magazine

This unit is actually a Monroe Fire Lane Plow and Pumper Unit. You can read the complete story at eWillys. But it reminded us that Monroe made a lift for the Jeep truck, as well as lifts for the Dodge Power Wagon and some tractors. While our focus has always been on the CJ models, we hope to expand into the farm truck history too.

In the coming months, we will undertake a long-term project to create a database of hydraulic implement lifts for the Jeep. There were four lifts sold by Willys and a few models were produced and sold by companies that were not “Jeep Approved.” These were sold through Willys dealerships, and in one case appeared in a national ad campaign, There were also untold numbers of “homemade” (“farmmade”?) units that were classified as “other.”

We and others plan to use the data collected to further research into how many lifts were produced. It is more of a count than a registry. We will be collecting data by the type of lift and when it comes to the Monroe, we will include the CJ models and truck/tractor models.

As part of this project, we will also introduce a “spotter’s guide” that we can share with both Jeep and farm groups on social media. We know that many lifts remain on shelves and barn floors. We want to collect data on those lifts too. So the guide will focus on the lifts and not the Jeep.

We will be announcing the project soon. Stay tuned!

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