What’s LOVE got to do with it?

What does a LOVE Tractor have to do with this photo?

March is coming in like a lamb here at Farm Jeep. We thought we would be roaring like a lion about all our progress on projects. Unfortunately, the Hydraulic Lift Registry remains on hold. We haven’t been able to find software that will allow us to easily backup and restore the data. We will continue our quest.

Now on with the fun stuff (with apologies to Tina Tuner)

So what does a LOVE Tractor have to do with this photo? We always have multiple research projects open and on-going. Jabez Love designed the first “Jeep Approved” hydraulic lift. Barry has been researching Jabez for many years. He even visited Love’s hometown of Eau Claire, Michigan twice. He knew that before he became involved with Willys, Love had designed speciality tractors. But no real new information has been uncovered in the past 5 years.

A few weeks ago, Barry re-opened his Love project. He sent a note to the Berrien County Historical Association (Love’s home county) asking if they had any new information on Love. The curator was not aware of the Love story. However, he is interested in our research. He also put us in touch with the Michigan Flywheelers Museum(MFM). We learned the organization, only a few miles from Eau Claire, is beginning a Love Tractor restoration and they too are interested in our research.

The MFM was able to put us in touch with a man whose father had written an article on Love back in 2000. The son didn’t have any more information on Love, but he has a good friend in SE Ohio who collects Love Tractors and gave us his contact information.

That is how these things happen

Suddenly after 5 years of searching, we have news leads and new information. In the coming weeks and months, we plan to publish an article or two based on this new data. We are also building Jabez Love’s history here.

Daryl Dempsey is a Love Tractor collector. And a Friday Tractor collector. And a John Deere collector. You get the idea. Although we have only been working together for a couple of weeks, Daryl has provided new information and, importantly, photographs.

At some point, Daryl mentioned that his father had used Jeeps on the farm. He sent us the great picture above. We plan to write about Daryl and his tractor collection. And about those Jeeps too. Stay tuned.

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