A Valentine Jeep, a Pause in the Project, Plus Ordering a CJ3a Farm Jeep

Courtesy of eWillys.com

Dave @ eWillys.com has found several examples of WWII-era cards, including this one. We thought it would be a nice way to start our February post. Especially since the rest of the news isn’t so much fun.

Last month, we introduced a project to register or identify as many hydraulic implement lifts as possible. We are pausing the project to reengineer the data collection and display forms. We are hoping we can, in Barry’s favorite fashion, “throw some money at the problem.” If all goes well, we should be back in business in a couple of weeks.

Now back to something more interesting. Derek at CJ3b.info recently shared a post on Facebook about the “Jeeps on Broadway” story. It is a fun and informative read.

Above is one of the many dealer documents that have survived to tell the story in a manner rarely seen. Enjoy.

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