A New Year and a New Project

CJ3a with Newgren Lift

As we start our twenty second (!) year of posting our adventures and discoveries, we want to wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year! Thanks to all of you who have joined us on the fun ride.

Pictured above is the outline of our 1949 CJ3a Farm Jeep with a Newgren lift. This picture, along with period ads and other photos, can be found on our Farm Jeep Spotter’s Guide page. So why we would we need to post a spotter’s guide? Because we hope to recruit Jeep fans of all kinds to help us with our latest project.

Last fall, in a discussion with a group of Farm Jeep fans, we all were lamenting the lack of lift production data. A question we have heard a thousand times is how many Farm Jeeps were sold. No one has an answer. There are no – or they are yet to be discovered – production records for any of the Jeep Approved lifts. That discussion led to the idea of a simple hydraulic lift registry. After several iterations, we came up with a form for collecting a minimal number of items that may still yield useful data. The data are displayed in the Farm Jeep Hydraulic Lift Database. We are already looking for an improved display, so please hang in there while we find a better design. For now, you can at least view the data elements.

The focus is on the lifts. We want to know about them regardless of the Jeep they might be attached to or even if they are sitting on a shelf or barn floor. There is a shared concern for balancing privacy issues with producing a registry that has some research validity.

Our hope is that owners and non-owners will help us build the registry over the coming months and years. We plan to reach out across as many platforms as possible and to repeat our request throughout the year.

We look forward to an exciting Farm Jeep year!

Barry & Evan

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